?? of 9999 NFTs Minted!
Let's Mint a YuGiOh NFT!



There 5 rarities in the game:
Common (45%)
Uncommon (25%)
Rare (15%)
Ultra Rare (10%)
Legendary (5%)

Collect 55+ Unique YuGiOh Characters

Mix and match your deck to build your ultimate team!

How the game works

The game starts with setting your deck.

There will be multiple game types, where you can play with a minimum of 1 NFT in your deck.

Once your deck is set, you can proceed on initiating a game with another opponent where you both can place bets via $YuGi Tokens or ETH.

This will be a rock-paper-scissor type where the advantage element wins.

Water beats Fire
Fire beats Earth
Earth beats Water

In cases where its a draw, the power level will be used to determine the winner - the higher power level wins the round.

The winner takes all the bets while the loser gets nothing.

This will be a fun and easy game for all and a great way to make decision between friends!

May the best duelist win!


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